Car Seats for Travel

Travel Tips
Seat Belt

Ride Share

  • Everyone should be buckled in their own seat and properly restrained on every ride.
  • While a base may make installation and daily use of your infant carrier easier, the carrier can usually be installed without the base if needed. Installing the carrier alone with the seat belt may be an easier option for frequent travel or public transportation use.
  • Bring along a stroller that pairs with your infant car seat for easy travel when you reach your destination.
Installation without base

Air Travel

  • The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recommends that you secure your child for air travel in an appropriate child restraint based on your child’s weight and size.
  • Turbulence can happen with little or no warning. When turbulence occurs, the safest place for your child is in an appropriately installed child restraint, not in an adult’s lap or on the aircraft seat with a seat belt.
  • Contact your airline in advance of your travel:
    • to determine if there are any reduced rate child fares for children under two
    • to ensure your child restraint will fit on their aircraft.
  • Know where to find information on whether your child restraint can be used on an aircraft. This information can be found:
    • In product instructions
    • On a label on the product.