Car Seat Guidelines

Installation Tips
  • Use only one method to secure the car seat (lower anchors or seat belt).
  • Always use the tether for forward-facing car seat installations.
  • Check the angle – many car seats have visible level indicators so you know if the car seat is positioned at the correct angle.
  • Ensure your car seat is secured tightly – when installed correctly, the car seat should not move more than 1” from side-to-side or front-to-back.
  • To ensure your car seat is properly installed, find a certified car seat technician:
  • Only accessories provided or approved by CYBEX should be used with CYBEX car seats. This includes infant inserts, harness covers, seat protectors, etc. Use of accessories or parts from other manufacturers could alter the performance of the child restraint.
    • Our team wants to make sure you are confident with your car seat installation. We offer free, live video installation appointments with one of our certified child passenger safety technicians on staff. Sign up for a 30-minute appointment to double-check your car seat installation or for assistance with a new installation.
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